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About Us

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About k-trachos restaurant

Welcome to Ktrachos Restaurant, your destination for authentic Honduran food in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania.

Our story

Established on June 17, 2023, Ktrachos Restaurant is the brainchild of Deysi and Hector Vindel, pioneers in bringing traditional Honduran food to our corner of Pennsylvania. Deysi, who built a significant following over three years selling her homemade meals on social media, finally seized the perfect opportunity to share her culinary talents on a larger scale. Her food, beloved for its freshness, authenticity, and flavor, was in high demand – a demand only a full-scale restaurant could fulfill. And thus, Ktrachos Restaurant was born.

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“The response from our community has been nothing short of incredible. We’re delighted to have a fully booked restaurant every day, and we’re thrilled to see the same satisfied faces returning for more. We are immensely proud to be the first Honduran restaurant in the area, catering to a unique taste palette that was underserved until now” – Said Deysi.

Our vision

At Ktrachos, we’re committed to offering uniquely delicious food, fresh every day. Our mission is simple: we don’t do frozen or processed. Every dish we serve is made from scratch using only the finest ingredients. We’re all about authenticity, quality, and the unforgettable taste of Honduras.

Our team

Our resolute team of 8 individuals, including Deysi, Hector, our talented cooking team, and warm servers, work tirelessly to provide you with a memorable dining experience. Each member brings their passion and dedication to the table, literally and metaphorically, making every visit to Ktrachos an occasion to remember.

Your experience

When you dine with us, we want you to feel right at home. Every bite you take at Ktrachos is reminiscent of a home-cooked meal, lovingly prepared with the utmost care and diligence. We want our customers to enjoy not just the food, but the very essence of Honduran culture that is encapsulated in every dish.

Why k-trachos restaurant?

We’re not just another restaurant; we’re a unique culinary landmark in Hanover. As the first restaurant serving authentic Honduran food in the area, we take pride in our exclusivity and dedication to our craft. We invite you to join us and discover the magic of Honduran flavors right here in Pennsylvania.